Monday, October 10, 2011

Becoming Gratefully Gluten Free

It was well over a decade when I was told by a very wise doctor who also practiced alternative medicine that I had a gluten and possibly a dairy allergy.  I was devastated.  How could this be true!  I ate well!  I cooked from scratch as my Mom had taught me.  No one else in my family has such a problem.  The doctor must be crazy.

Several months later I revisited the allergy possibility.  Suffering from much gastrointestinal distress, I needed to do something.  I slowly stopped eating all white flour and sugar.  Gradually I progressed to eating organic flours. Still not  feeling well, I stopped eating gluten.  Within a few weeks, I started to feel better.  This doctor was right.  Over the past 12 years I have also stopped eating dairy except for butter.  My health has improved with less aching, no bronchitis, and little gastrointestinal  distress.  With the help of a wise nutritionist, my body is healing with the right foods and supplements.

This road is not an easy one to follow, but there is better health and quality of living at the other end.  My faith has been greatly strengthened and challenged by these food allergies leaving me stronger and grateful that I discovered what was wrong with me.

My advice to someone who is trying to cut out gluten is to do it before your body has permanent damage the cannot be corrected.  We were made my such a wonderful Creator who gave our bodies the ability to communicate with us when something is wrong, but we overlook it.  e.g., After eating a bagel, one feels bloated all day.  You think well that filled me up. Our body is saying, "I cannot digest it.  Get it out of here!"  Diarrhea occurs.  The body is trying to void what it cannot digest.  We need to listen  to our bodies.  Begin to understand what out bodies are trying to tell us.  If you cannot figure out what your body is trying to say, you need to find a doctor or a nutritionist who does understand.  

I plan on sharing information about recipes that have been converted to gluten free.  We have wonderful memories associated with food.  The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking makes one fell warm and loved.  It reminds us of a mother or grandmother who made them for us.  Being gluten free does NOT mean giving up all our food memories, but it does mean rethinking how we cook and eat.  Not all recipes can be converted to gluten free but many can.  I hope that I can help others recreate a few family recipes that are gluten free.  I ask that you send me one or two recipes to be converted.  It may take several times before we get the correct amounts.  I will also need to know your food allergies.  I will ask in return that you allow me to use any of your recipes that I have converted in my future cookbook.

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  1. Cool mom, I def have suggestions for you :-) Of course, I require homemade donuts as payment